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In the first three trimesters of 2013 both the new and old apartments that were for sale in the whole country have depreciated by around 7 percent. 

This year, housing prices have dropped in a considerably more accelerated pace that last year. According to various real estate studies, in the first nine months of 2013, the average price asked for the old and new apartments for sale in the hole countre have dropped by 6.95 %. The prices have decreased from 978 euro to 910 euro for square meter. For comparison, in 2012 we have registered a drop in prices of 1.3%, whereas in 2011 we noticed a drop of 4%. In the context of such descending market trend, the price that you can have for your property for sale is practicaly droping, from month to month, says Igor Postovanu, owner of the Sims Parkman agency.

Did you know that a property is much more atractive, both for the real estate agents and the clients in the first 30 days after it has been put on the market, because of the "new" psychological effect? After this, as the time passes away, the higher the risk of overexposure of a specific offer, because it becomes very known on the market and the clients begin to see it as a problematic estate, because by seeing that it isn't sold, they tend to keep a safe distance. Also, as the time passes, the fatigue of the owner starts to kick in, which at some point will tend to sell the property much below the actual prices on the market, only to get rid off a difficult transaction. - Igor Postovanu, owner Sims Parkman
 In the actual market conditions, the selling of a property in a short time is influenced by two essential factors: the right price and an efficient advertisement. Some statistics made in the US, says that if a property is released for sale on the price of the market, it attracts 60% of the potential buyers. When it costs with 10% over the price of the market, it atracts only a percent of 30% of the potential buyers. Moreover, when the price of the building is 15% over the price of the market, the potential attraction from the buyers is considerably decreased, with only a 10% of the potential buyers being interested in making the purchase.

After you have settled a suitable price for your property, advertising is of outmost importantce. This means that a property must be exposed and very strongly highlighted on the market. This concludes in many appearances on advertising channels, in order to attract as many clients as possible in a very short time. It isn't sufficient to find a free ad in a newspaper or on a website if you atract many clients. These being says, I am sure that if you fill follow the steps mentioned above you will be truly able to make the right choices when it will come to selling an apartment or a house.

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